You're not alone. Here are some FAQ. Hope this helps; please  email or call  (877) 68-BLAST  (-5278)   if not.

Is Paintball Safe?

  • Although paintball has been categorized as an "extreme" sport, paintball is one the safest sports currently played today.
  • According to PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions), the world of paintball has a huge injury taboo. This taboo only exists in the minds of the general public and not in the statistical data. The industry has hard lined that the rare but highly publicized "eye injury" usually only occurs when the proper protective gear is not worn and on fields that are unsupervised and often illegal.
  • The latest statistical data shows that only .2 injuries per 1,000 exposures; giving paintball the lowest injury rate of any “extreme” sport. According to Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, the average player will only suffer an injury about once every 500 years.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, players must be at least 10 years old. All players and spectators must sign waivers. If player is under the age of 18, he/she  must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian. (Available on the website under the "Forms" tab)

What Should I Wear?

  • All players must wear a full-face field approved battle-masks due to insurance requirements. Masks are included with our basic rental package and may be rented separately.
  • Glasses only are not permitted. Eye glasses may be worn inside the battle-masks.
  • You may rent extra protective gear; such as, Neck Protectors, Chest Protectors, Gloves, Tournament Pants, and Jerseys. You may also bring with you whatever you like.
  • It is best to dress in layers. The baggier and heavier the clothes the better. Hooded sweatshirts are great as they provide extra protection for the neck and top of head and also helps prevent paint splatter in the hair. Baseball style hats may be worn backwards with the battle-masks, as well as, stocking hats for an extra layer of protection.
  • Be sure to have footwear with good tread.
  • Wear old clothes as you may be crawling around on the ground.
  • Don't wear bright colors like white, red or pink unless you want to be a target.

Does the Paint Wash Out?

The paintballs are not actually paint, but environmentally friendly, formulated safe and non-toxic. However, our "paint" does wash out. Some "paint" colors/brands do stain and have permanently damaged our guns and indoor field in the past. This is one of the reasons we do not permit "outside" paint.

What if it rains?

             We play rain or shine. Some players actually prefer the rain  for the combat realism.

Do I need to make a reservation?

No, you do not need to make a reservation. The equipment is on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a large group  or  special event, you have the option of making a formal reservation, which includes a $5/pp holding fee. Equipment is held until noon and you will not be charged as long as you show up.

How many games will I get to play?

Well, it depends. We often play games that are requested by our players. Games can last anywhere from 5-30 minutes each. We try to play several "respond" games, meaning players can tag something in accordance to that games' rules and  re-enter play. You may play 6 games, you may play 24 games. What's important is that you are playing and not sitting out waiting. Also, Our refs do not stop the games for lunch as they do at some facilities. You may take a break when you like and join back in when the next game starts.

What  do the guns have to be chronographed at?

All our rental guns are chronographed at 280 FPS.

I bought tickets, how do they work?

If you purchased discount paintball tickets at the state fair, on a daily deal site or from a mall kiosk, please be aware that although we accept these tickets, they are not sold by Shooters All-Season Paintball.  The sales people are responsible for explaining exactly how the tickets work, which is…

Tickets are honored during our regular business hours, Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm. If you have a group of 20+ we may be able to accommodate you during a weekday. Call for details.

  • Each ticket gives one player access to all our fields, a basic rental gun including hopper and tank, & a full face mask.
  • What is required upon redemption is the purchase of what you will consume while at our facility:                           $15/pp for 500 rounds of paint        $10/pp for unlimited air fills
  • That is a minimum purchase of $25 per person. This information should be on the ticket.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 877-682-5278

If you have not been properly informed and already purchased tickets; please call the number on the tickets.


Paintball Good Safety Record

SPORT Yearly injuries per 1000 Participants
Water Skiing 260.84
Lacrosse 223.79
Wrestling 36.46
Rugby 31.21
Football 30.17
Baseball 28.42
Hockey 21.92
Basketball 19.76
Soccer 12.59
Boxing 11.34
Bicycle Riding 11.71
Gymnastics 10.49
Volleyball 4.03
Ice Skating 3.83
Snowmobiling 3.52
Snow Skiing 2.99
Racquetball 2.77
Tennis 2.77
Handball 1.92
Fishing 1.43
Swimming 1.34
Golf 1.22
Archery 0.865
Boating 0.75
Bowling 0.47
Paintball 0.24


  • NEIS- the National Injury Information Clearinghouse of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington D.C. has provided injury estimates through use of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.
  • In the number of estimated injuries per 1,000 participants, paintball had the LEAST NUMBER OF INJURIES of all the listed sports. The number of injuries for paintball is less by far than tennis, archery, basketball, and many other sports.
  • The government report warns: "CAUTION”. NEISS data and estimates are based on injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms.
  • Paintball is Safer than Bowling. According to a study by the National Injury Information Clearinghouse of the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it's safer than bowling. The 2001 study reports that per 1000 participants there are only 0.24 while bowling accounts for 0.47 injuries. The most dangerous sport? Water skiing has 260.84 injuries per 1000 participants.
  • While this study is from 2001, the numbers should still hold true today as the injuries are per 1000 participants and not by total number of injuries. Current figures are unavailable as the CPSC now combines paintball statistics with all shooting sports.
  • The use of barrel plugs or barrel socks is auditory to block accidental discharge of paintballs from guns. (markers) in staging areas. Playing on a regulated field, the sport of paintball is extremely safe.  

Who plays Paintball?

Paintball is perceived as a young persons sport; however, people of all ages can thoroughly enjoy it. At our facility, players must be at least 10-years-old and arrive with a waiver signed by parent or legal guardian if they are unaccompanied. It’s more a matter of being physically active than a matter of age. In fact, many parents who only intend on dropping off their kids see how much fun it is and end up playing as well.

How did Paintball get its start?

Thirty years ago, a company named Nelson Paint Company invented its Nelspot Marker and the first paintball before the game was ever played. The Marker was typically used to mark cattle and trees for various statistical data for farmers or contractors. However, in 1976 Charles Gaines pondered the concept of a businessman surviving a stalking game against an outdoorsman. This concept of survival was grasped after Gaines had read the book The Most Dangerous Game, a story about a man who invites guests to an uncharted island and hunts them down to kill. Gaines incorporated a couple of friends, Hayes Noel, and Bob Gurnsey of New Hampshire, into his debate of survival. Gaines, along with nine more friends, participated in the first-ever paintball game in June of 1981.

Is Paintball breeding violence?

Many people only see the sport as a harmless portrayal of warfare; in reality, it is a sport that requires skill and high levels of fitness. Paintball has sped up its game pace and is now a sport that requires as much running as basketball or football. It is necessary to have a high degree of hand-eye coordination, along with good communication skills. Tournament games can sometimes be back-to-back-to-back. A person with low amount of stamina would not be able to fully participate. It is exhilarating, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, intense, fast, and physically demanding. The sport of paintball encourages team-building like cooperation and communication. Many corporate and church functions are held at paintball facilities for this reason.

Does it hurt to get hit?

There is a level of pain when hit by a paintball that is similar to a bee sting. We require field paint for our rental equipment due to the pain factor as well as insurance requirements. The paint we use/sell has a softer shell, which is less painful when hit than many other brands. But to answer the question, yes it does hurt. However, with all the adrenaline flowing in your body the pain is dulled significantly. Layering clothing and wearing body armor works well for players. Gloves are also a good idea.

What is the future of Paintball?

Leagues such as the National Professional Paintball League, Extreme Paintball Sports League, World Paintball League, Ultimate Arena Paintball League, and the renowned National X-ball League have made their way to a wide variety of spectators' eyes. Grand tournaments are held in places such as Disney World, Huntington Beach, and even Europe.

The spotlight is slowly finding its way to this wonderful sport via ESPN and FOX Sports Net. However, more is needed if the level of competition is going to get as high as the NFL, with paid salaries and collegiate teams. Younger athletes seem to degrade the integrity of the sport by giving it a bad reputation of violence, which is not making the situation any better. This must be stopped so that the professional caliber will be just what it is: professional.

Teams are already representing cities or states in the NXL, like San Diego, Oakland, Texas, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. ESPN 2 has televised the NXL World Cup and more of it has been seen on FOX Sports Net. The UAPL will soon be broadcast nationwide on WGN providing paintball with the attention it needs. All of the media attention is getting paintball even closer to glory and giving hopeful players at the bottom a chance at stardom.

The UAPL will soon be broadcast nationwide on WGN providing paintball with the attention it needs. All of the media attention is getting paintball even closer to glory and giving hopeful players at the bottom a chance at stardom.



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