Shooters All-Season Paintball is pleased to announce we are the ONLY Indoor & Outdoor facility around.

Shooters is also an Authorized Dealer for Tippmann, Kee, Procaps, Predator, ETek, Rap4, NorCal, Condor, Eclipse, Full-Clip, Dye, Nelson, and Ninja. If we don't stock it, we can get it and quickly.

Please help keep business local. There are many advantages to NOT using on-line shopping including our policy of offering a Life-Time Labor Warranty for markers (paintball guns) purchased through us. Figure how much money you could save on just shipping alone to get your repairs done through an on-line company.  In addition, all our markers come with a one-month FREE Entry Pass. That's a $160 Value.

The Staff at Shooters has been working continuously to expand and grow our facility. After much hard work and planning, our creative ideas have come together.  This is what we have to offer…


Thrilling, heart pumping, high energy, and fast paced describes the feeling on this field. It doesn't hurt having great surround sound stereo as well. The field is climate controlled, netted and fully turfed. Equipment & players stay clean and dry here. Our field has almost 4000 square feet of playing area.  Dozens of air bunkers are continuously rearranged  providing a new feel on a regular basis. This field is much smaller than the outdoor fields so it may feel a little intimidating to new players at first, but it is a blast and well worth a try.


WoodsballOur all- natural terrain Woodsball Field is a favorite of everyone's. It easily accommodates tournament size play. Be sure to challenge yourself and get in on a game of "Front Line". The field floor is porous soil, naturally absorbing rainfall and keeping the field unusually dry during wet conditions. Can 5 players take on 30 players, defend "Havoc Hill",  and win? Find out for yourself.

Hyperball Field  The games here are more frequent and fast paced. Barrel configurations and wooden barricades provide a challenging tactical aspect. Field was Redesigned and Reconstructed February 2013. Click here for video.

Attack & Defend   Has received glowing reviews from both experienced and novice players, since it's re-design in April 2013.  

The Big Field   This fifteen acre Woodsball Field with creative new style  bunkers gives the game a distinct military feel. Note: As of May 24, 2013, 40 new bunkers and command posts have been added.

Village Field   New November 2013  (Approximately 12 acres)  pictures coming soon.

Note: The Staging Area   has been enlarged and new permanent tables have been added. In this netted area, you will find the Chrono Area as well as the New Target Range. All Paintball guns are required to stay in this area when not in use, insuring a safe environment for all our players and spectators. Masks/Goggles must be worn at all times while in this area.

Picnic Area (2)-Feel free to bring your lunch and relax in the shaded picnic area or use one of the BBQs and grill for your hungry group. Here, spectators can safely view the games  from behind paintball safety netting. Spectator waivers required.

Pro Shop-In addition to providing rental equipment, we sell markers, protective gear, high-end equipment and clothing from all major paintball companies. CO2 is available for purchase for those players not using compressed air. Cold drinks,snacks, and some food items available.

We are always open to suggestions and requests so please don’t be shy. Remember, this is your paintball park.      Don't forget your Waiver. Everyone needs one!   Ages 10-17 must be sign by parent or guardian.

Field Hours

Open Saturdays & Sundays 10am-4pm

Weekdays and off hours by reservation for groups of 20+ with paid deposit. Call for details.


email: info@ShootersAllSeasonPaintball.com


I never played paintball before I came to Shooters. I didn’t even know what paintball was. They taught me everything and now I’m a pretty good player. I’d come here everyday if I could.

Dillon H.
Nicolaus, CA