Our all- natural terrain Woodsball Fields are a favorite of everyones'. Our new second and larger of the  Woodsball FIelds is 15 acres of twists and turns.  They both easily accommodate tournament size play. Be sure to challenge yourself and get in on a game of "Front Line". The field floor is porous soil, naturally absorbing rainfall and keeping the field unusually dry during rainy conditions.  Keep in mind you'll be running through trees & brances so be sure to wear old clothes and sturdy shoes.



Field Hours

Open Saturdays & Sundays 10am-4pm

Summer hours begin June 4, 2016 9am-3pm

Closed Sunday, July 3rd

Weekdays and off hours by reservation for groups of 20+ with paid deposit. Call for details.


email: info@ShootersAllSeasonPaintball.com


Thank you for such a fun day. I enjoyed my mother’s day – but most of all, it was a memorable one for my kids.

I forwarded the camp information to friends. But you’ve sold my son on having his birthday party there. His birthday is in August – so we’ll be in touch.


Maria N.

Maria N.