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If you have checked Shooters out on Yelp, you may have found very conflicting information especially if you've taken the time to look at the "Filtered" reviews.  After contacting Yelp and asking why the positive reviews are "filtered" while negative ones remain, we were informed it is directly related on how often people post in general. 

An Extreme THANK YOU to those who have taken time from their busy lives to post reviews, especially when it is not something you do on a regular basis. The following are some of the "Filtered Reviews" from Yelp. Hope this Helps give a more accurate view of our facility. Also check out the reviews on our Facebook.

4-17-13     Gina E.,  Rocklin, CA

We had a PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE at Shooter's Sunday, April 14th, 2013 which prompted me to write this review. Not only was the staff professional, courteous, thorough and extremely helpful, they ensured our first experience at Shooter's was an overall success. We arrived with a large party of 15+ with many, leary first timers and the Shooter's Staff eased all fears within minutes of arrival. Our players were able to venture into all courses, exhausted themselves after 4 hours and swore to return for more fun.

If you enjoy paintball, then you will LOVE SHOOTER'S!


3/10/2013   Kathleen P.,  Loomis, CA

My 12 yr. old son and friends came here for his b-day party. They had a great time and everything went fine, no problems with employees or getting the right amount of paint, etc. In fact one of the refs asked us a few times during the day if we needed anything, how things were going, which was very nice. Some of the kids in our group said a few of the other young players weren't calling themselves out when they got hit but it didn't ruin their fun. They played on 2 different fields when there weren't a lot of players. When more people came they played a few times on the much larger field. The wait time between games was really short- 3 to 5 minutes so they played a lot. We used the gas grill for lunch and one of the guys hauled all our stuff down and back in his truck since its a bit of a walk to the fields. Would definitely go back.


7/30/2012  John T., Sacramento, CA

This place is amazing! Everyone is really nice, PLAYS FAIR!, and they have awesome courses.  I don't know what these other people[Yelp Review] on here are talking about, they had to have done something to make it less enjoyable for themselves. I highly recommend going here.  They take care of you here.

 Update – 8/3/2012   John T. Sacramento, CA

This place is amazing! i highly recommend it!  great atmosphere and great people! definitely going back!


8/1/2012  Tanner, Citrus Heights, CA

Went there to celebrate my birthday, and had a blast. It was on a day they are normally closed but they set up the event. Everyone that went had a blast, the courses were fun, between the team matches, capture the flag, free for all and even some zombie matches. I know all of us are going to be going back. The staff was awesome and helpful. By the end of the day we all got more then our monies worth. Also the rental equipment, I'd say definitely worth getting, I was the only one who skipped out on it and I paid for it with a couple well placed bruises. Still worth it though


4/21/2012 Joseph H., Olivehurst, CA

Today my wife and I were first time customers of shooters all season paintball and we had an amazing time and we will definitely go back and play again. The first thing that we noticed was that shooters really felt like a family environment. Not once did we feel over challenged by wanna be pro's that eliminate everyone quickly and kill the fun for everyone. They had a really large crowd of over 50 people playing today (Men, Wemon and Children) and the staff and referee's kept the games friendly and fun at all times. They strive to ensure the safety and enjoyment of each and every player and quickly resolve any disputes that may arise. They have a well stocked shop on site with plenty of good quality equipement for rent and for sale. They have really good prices and offer good discounts for Military members and they even sale used equipement if your looking to get into the sport and play on regular basis but on a budget. They offer plenty of aftermarket parts if you own your own guns and if they don't have what you need they will get it for you.

They have several large outdoor paintball fields. One is organized with barrels for obstacles and a few small structures to hide in for a team death match style game. Another has a large fort in the center with planty of natural and man made terrain surrounding it for conquor/defend style game and a large wilderness field in a wooded area that has lots of obstalces to hide behind and shoot from with the spaces between them cleaned up well enough that one could go from one obstacle to another quickly and easily. They also have an indoor speed ball field if people desire to play that style of game.

The registration fees are cheep, 20 bucks to play all day; 10 bux for military and that includes free air refills all day. You do have to use the paintballs purchased at the field though but lets face it, their paint is cheaper then Walmart or anywhere else.

In conclusion, if your looking for a great time for the whole family please checkout shooters. The staff will greet you with a smile and treat you like a person.


4/11/2012   Alicia M. Roseville,

After looking at other reviews…it seems to be that we have all had very different experiences there.  I have been there 3 times with my teenage boys and their firends.  It is not a cheap day but not many things like this are.  Yes we had to walk over the levee to the field but I had expected to get some exercise since that was what the sport entails.  I have not been to other paintball locations so I obviously can not compare the experience with any other locations but we had a great time.  They have added more fields since our first visit.  Our favorite is the large wooded field with all the trees, brush, ditches and branches to hide behind.  We had a blast.  We also played the field with the barrels…this one was more open and on a hot day…it was HOT.  We usually go in July for my sons birthday so I recommend the treed fields more.  I have not personally played the indoor field but my sons have.  This is a much smaller course than the outdoor ones so when you do get shot it hurts more and is a much faster paced game.  My boys like this one but they definately got worn out faster on this one.  It is a little bit slow to get going when it comes to the safety info, getting everyones gear on, out to the field, aired up, etc….but that is expected in my opinion.  Overall, I have recommended this place to many people to go with your kids for a fun time.  I would however not recommend it for young kids, too intense.  It is hard as a parent to find a lot of fun things to do with your teenage boys where they have just as much fun doing it as you do….this is definately one of them.  If anyone was to ask me whether I would recommend this place I would have to say yes, it is a blast.   They are definately a laid back group of people so if you are high strung and impatient than I could see how you might not be up for this location but for most of us that are going out for a non-stressful day of fun then this is definately a good choice.


2/25/2012  Myles U., Rio Linda

I liked this place a lot my first time playing . The staff were hella nice they reffed good and the woodsball was awesome.


2/19/2012  Drew D., Meadow Vista, CA

i just took my sons and some of their friends here for the 2nd time and we all had a good time.  i thought the place was a bit crowded as they weren't expecting so many to show up but i guess that's the nature of the beast.  

we used groupon deals so only $20 for entry, gun, mask, and 200 paintballs.  with 8 of us we bought 2 more cases of paint for $90.  these are the only times i've done this so i don't know how the prices compare to other places.  

i read the other reviews and was apprehensive about how it would go but i didn't see any of the gun speed calibrating/extra safety checks either today or last time we came.  with larger numbers it's a bit slow getting everyone going and if you're out of a game early it can be a bit of a wait, but it wasn't too bad.  

we'd prefer the option of being able to play just our smaller group on the various fields and we got to a bit.  i found the staff helpful, friendly and accommodating both times we've gone.  probably pricey if you go without a discount but for what we paid we had fun from noon until a bit after 4.  with some later arrivals they stayed open longer for ppl to get more games in.


10/21/2011 Lindsey W., Lincoln, CA

My husband and 10 of his friends went there for the first time last weekend.  They had the best time.  Ben, my husband, couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had on the course.  He can't wait to go back!


6/23/2011  August H., San Diego, CA

I have never been paintballing before, but I have heard nightmares about other places. Two friends and I went for a birthday (the big 30). We had an absolute blast. The staff was great and made us newbies feel welcome and even helped with strategy. The courses were a ton of fun and the girls ended up beating the boys which was awesome. And the boys were definitely trying to win. They made sure we knew how to use the equipment and that we had ALL the safety gear we could possibly need. I will go back and plan on taking more friends with me!!


4/19/2011 Kim B. Lincoln, CA

Shooters All-Season Paintball has once again surpassed all of our expectations for tons of fun! This is the 2nd year in a row we have celebrated our son's birthday…this year his 14th. We had 15 boys and 5 dads out there having a blast! It was non-stop battles! We had access to a BBQ and picnic area where we set up our birthday party right next to the fields. Balloons, food, birthday cake and fun! The staff (Rex, Brandon, and A.J.) at the fields were excellent, friendly, and kept the pace rolling. Bruce (the owner) makes you feel like you've known him forever. Great guy! I appreciate that he takes safety so seriously. No one wants to get hurt or see anyone else get hurt. After the day was over, the dad's and kids were exhausted from all of the paintball battles! We will definitely go back to Shooters. It was a great experience again!
Kim B. Lincoln, CA


3/21/2011 Dennis L., Live Oak, CA

I have played a few times at shooters with our group of guys and they were always happy to have us show up and we were always happy to come back there staff is very helpful they have great deals on safety gear guns you name it they have a good deal on it I would definitly go back and play there agin


1/30/2011 Bryan L., Rocklin, CA

I just returned from my second visit to Shooters.  My son and I did our first paintball experience there about 6 weeks ago, and I took my son and his friend again there today.  As a beginner, I would say that Shooters is a good place.  They have both indoor and outdoor options.  The staff there is very nice — very willing to help out newbies.  I got a lot of valuable recommendations for guns and gear.   The indoor field is very small, which is a drawback, but at least they have that option.  Our first visit was a rainy day and having the indoor option was useful.  Today, my son was able to play almost entirely outside, which he enjoyed.  Their woodsball field is really nice.  They also have many other outdoor options (hyperball, etc).  The owner, Bruce, is a nice guy.  The shop is decently stocked.  If there were any cons, its that they seem to have fewer players than most of the other fields and that they require field bought paint (which is slightly more expensive than my local store).  Overall, they get good marks…especially if you are looking for quality woodsball.














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i loved the improvements you guys have done to the field since once upon a grim, and when you said you were extending the field you guys did, hands down this has to be my favorite field, and i hope there will be more events in the future on your guy's field

Nickolas B.