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9am-3pm, Saturday & Sunday

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Saturdays & Sundays


Robin hood
"A Paintball Game in Five Acts"
May 27-28, 2017
Memorial Weekend
*We are also OPEN as Usual for Regular Play 10am-4pm*










Welcome to Sherwood Forest!

   A Classic Tale of Swashbuckling Adventure, Intrigue, & Romance!

Led by the dashing hero of story & film ROBIN HOOD himself, the MERRY MEN OF SHERWOOD (Yellow Team) are bandits, rapscallions, outlaws…and Heroes to the the poor & oppressed people of Nottinghamshire! Though skilled in both woodcraft & warfare The Merry Men must constantly be on guard, for they are not beloved by all….

The High Sheriff of Nottingham and his henchmen (Red Team) will stop at nothing to kill or capture the outlaws who would thwart the Sheriffs ambitious & greedy plots. 


















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Field Hours

Open Saturdays & Sundays 9am-3pm
Summer Hours Begin June 17, 2017

Weekdays and off hours by reservation for groups of 20+ with paid deposit. Call for details.

(530) 656-2469



Outstanding job by your referees and field personell. What a great field and game . The "Southwest Regulators" Scenario Paintball Team appriciates the hospitalty of our Nor Cal brothers and sisters and rest assured, we'll be baaaack! Want to play a game? ~ Gizmo